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Worthy of a Pretty Bra

Ever since my body grew its own breasts - I’ve had difficulty finding something that was comfortable and stylish.

A few years ago, after being stabbed by yet another underwire that escaped it’s channelling - I plucked up the courage to go and purchase some new bras.

I was swimming through the black, white and beige section of store-bought bras (when all I really wanted was a cute pink or purple one). The breadth of choice that I craved wasn’t available. I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment.

Were my breasts not good enough for manufacturers to produce pretty-coloured bras in my size? I was right on the brink of that slippery slope - a pathway that led straight to symptoms of body shame.

Years later, I decided to dive into the world of sewing my own. I’ve not once looked back. Every time I unpick a mis-stitched seam, I remind myself that the bra I am creating will contribute to re-building feelings of pride and comfort. I will no longer search for ways to get my body to fit into a bra - instead I will continue to create bras that fit my body.

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