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The Impact of a Bra

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) recently published a fabulous article about the impact a bra has on your body.

Some key comments that we took from this article include:

“Osteopathy Australia suggested being fitted for a bra that distributed weight evenly across the shoulders, ribs and back, with an adequate cup size, and keeping an eye on your posture.

Of course, some women choose to wear a bra simply because it makes them feel more confident – a reason Dr Newman said was “totally valid”.

Many women are more comfortable wearing a bra – it can provide support …. And also has aesthetic appeal they can be pretty or sexy,” she said.”

Whatever your reason for wearing a bra with wire, one without, a camisole or a singlet instead – we want to ensure you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Regardless of your size, age or posture – you deserve to feel good and we are committed to helping you on this journey.

For the full article, see:

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