About Us

Your Way Lingerie is owned and operated by a group of three friends, Alison, Nell and Megan. We live on the stunning Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia and have gained inspiration from our local environment.


We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful.


Our aim is to take you on a journey to create quality, stylish and comfortable lingerie. Our vision is to provide you with kits and sessions where you can learn to create your own stunning lingerie and feel amazing as a result.


You may be wondering what it was that motivated us to start Your Way Lingerie. We all love to sew. Each of us was challenged in our own way with ready to wear bras. Our challenges are not that different from countless other women:

  • Wanting a bra in a colour of personal choice and not being relegated to beige alone, or the seasonal colours that big manufacturers dictate

  • Wanting a bra that fits properly, not having to add extenders, or having cups that don’t quite fit, or straps that continually fall off.

  • Finding the right styles to suit body shape.

  • Freedom to express our creative side through wearing gorgeous lingerie.


When we first opened in 2020 we began with one of a kind kits, so that each kit would be truly unique. We have listened to our customers and alongside our one of a kind kits, we have introduced small run kits. As a bra kit can be put together in a multitude of ways, we still believe that the spirit of individuality is maintained.  


We are excited that you have chosen our kits to create your gorgeous bras.