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Diamond Bustier

Brand: Pin Up Girls

Pattern name: Diamond Bustier

Size range:  BCD 3.0 - 6.0

Instruction quality: Very detailed

Materials recommended: Foam for the cup lining which can be covered in stretch fabric such as stretch lace, or bamboo lycra, Duoplex or Sheer cup lining to line the frame.  Boning

Materials used: No foam was used and sheer cup lining and patterned duoplex was used throughout. I did not use any boning in this bustier. I used wide band plush elastic across the bottom of the bustier (38mm).

My fit details: I made size 3.25 with a 34" band

What I liked: I loved the look of the patterned duoplex further down on the body. I also liked that I could make this bustier in the strapless option for a special occasion dress. 

What challenged me: I had already made the decision that I was not going to use boning however I had wanted to put the channeling in for extra support. I could not get the duoplex to sit flat after stitching on the channeling. If I had used a stretch lace over the top of the lining, I feel that this would not have been the case. 

What I'd do differently next time: I would try and work with boning, finding one that suited my needs. I would also not do the whole bustier in the duoplex but include some stretch lace. I also did not do a test fit first so I would do this next time so that the bustier fit a little better. If I was going to make the strapless variation, I would line the cups with foam. 

Link to pattern 

Reviewed by Megan 

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