Welcome to Your Way Lingerie

We want to take you on a journey to create high quality, stylish and comfortable lingerie. Our vision is to provide you with  kits and sessions where you can learn to create your stunning lingerie and feel amazing as a result.
We are in love the the concept of having the power to design bras and underwear that not only fit comfortably, but look incredible too.
Size really does not matter - this is simply empowerment in process.​  
Bra making kit

Bra Workshop Toukley

Do you have trouble finding well fitting bras that look and feel great?


Book this class where you will create a well fitting bra. The classes are to be held over the weekend of Friday 21st May through to Sunday 23rd May.

This class will focus on finding your unique custom fit. At the end of this class you will have a me-made bra and ideas you can replicate to create as many different bras as you like.